Welcome to Marcato Home.  Marcato (/marˈka.to/), is an Italian word for an accent in music, meaning defined by, pronounced or marked with emphasis. 


Hi, I'm Liz.  I believe your home should define you and emphasize the story of your life.  Here, you will find carefully curated antique, vintage and modern found art, ceramics, decor and one-of-a-kind objects. 

My journey through the realms of design and beauty has been a rich tapestry woven across the globe. From my early days as a flight attendant based in Dubai, exploring the world and embracing diverse cultures, to my tenure in New York City, working for Estée Lauder and Conde Nast, my path has been one of constant inspiration. But also a unique one.

While in New York, I studied Interior Design and Decorative Arts at Parsons School of Design. On the weekends, I relentlessly perused flea markets and antique stores, devoured the local architecture, and spent hours studying the incredible modern brands who shared my home base of Soho. It was a passion, a hobby and now something that I've wholeheartedly thrown myself into. 

Based in the Green Mountains of Vermont, I'm thrilled to channel my passion for design into sourcing and curating an exquisite blend of antique, vintage, and modern finds. My aesthetic, influenced by years of global exposure, seamlessly marries the timeless with the contemporary.

Join me on this exciting journey as we transform spaces into stories and curate unique designs that reflect both the world's richness and your personal style. Let's craft our homes with purpose and history, and as I always like to say, "to the found, and waiting to be found!"

Welcome to my world of design.